venerdì 6 agosto 2010

Bad Boy

dedicato a Willy DeVille:

sigla: Harlem Nocturne
Cadillac Moon
Spanish Stroll
Cadillac Walk
Can’t Do Without It
Steady Driving Man
Soul Twist
Bad Boy
Savoir Faire
Lipstick Traces
One Good Reason
Maybe Tomorrow
Love Me Like You Did Before
Demasiado Corazon
Around The Corner
Are You Lonely Tonight
Easy Street
Could You Would You
Angel Eyes
Hello My Lover
Key To My Heart
Beating Like A Tom Tom
Hey Joe
I Call Your Name
Daddy Rolling Stone
Stand By Me (live)
Dust My Broom (live)
I’m In The Mood
Every Dog Has His Day (live)
Iko Iko
No Such Pain As Love
Still (I Love You Still)
Lay Me Down Easy
One Love One Lifetime
Don’t Want You Hanging Around
Steady Driving Man (live)
Who’s Gonna Shoe Your Little Pretty Foot (live)
Crow Jane Alley (For Jack)
So So Real
Heaven Stood Still

Bye bye Willy, rest in peace... Blue

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